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Discover a new way to grow yields and profits

Powered by POLYON® Controlled-Release Fertilizer

Ready for more consistent, predictable and dependable feeding? The potential for reduced labor, disease and environmental impact? POLYON® controlled-release fertilizer delivers those benefits and many more. All of which translate into the results you care about most.

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POLYON® fertilizer Benefits at a Glance

  • Efficiency

    POLYON® is Efficient

    POLYON® fertilizer provides consistent, predictable, dependable feeding.

  • Pro Environment

    Reduced Environmental Impact

    POLYON® fertilizer is an environmentally friendly source of nutrients.

  • Reduced Labor

    Reduced labor

    POLYON® requires fewer applications and minimizes labor input.

  • Reduced Disease

    Reduced disease potential

    POLYON® reduces disease potential by providing a more uniform and consistent plant nutrition delivery process.

  • Moisture Agnostic

    Not affected by moisture

    POLYON®'s patented reactive layer coating (RLC) meters out nutrients via temperature-activated diffusion.

“We have used Harrell’s POLYON® Fertilizer from over 20 years. I feel like the block we had it in during the 2015-2016 strawberry season was one of the best blocks of strawberries in Hillsborough County, Florida. I stand by the product and will be using it again this year.”

Matt Parke,
Parkesdale Farms

The Science of POLYON® What it is and how it works

The key to the consistent, gradual release of POLYON® fertilizer is all in the exclusive, polymer membrane that coats each granule.

Custom POLYON® blends from Harrell’s

Because off the shelf is never on the mark.

Harrell’s offers custom-blended POLYON® fertilizer solutions that deliver the ideal release rates and nutrients to address your unique needs. We’re able to do this because we own the largest inventory of homogeneous substrates and professional blending components in the industry.

Map it BEFORE you apply it with POLYGRAPH® and CUSTOGRAPH®

Using our proprietary POLYGRAPH® and CUSTOGRAPH® programs, your Harrell’s Specialty Ag Specialist can help you dial in just the right prescription for your need. In fact, POLYON® is so predictable its performance can be mapped out and evaluated even before applying the product!

Factors and influences to be considered when customizing your POLYON® prescription:

  • Average temperature - critical factor since the release of POLYON® nutrients is activated by temperature.
  • Desired release rate - number of polymer coatings can be manipulated for precise timing of nutrient release.
  • Dosage - application rates, plus combination and percentage of nutrients.
  • Regionality - accounting for climate, pests, turf type, etc.

POLYON® is 100 percent guaranteed.

At Harrell’s, we not only believe that POLYGRAPH® and CUSTOGRAPH® will give you the exact prescribed results, we will guarantee that POLYON® will last the promised weeks of greening or Harrell’s will supply you a product at no charge to complete the guaranteed time period.

Where you can get POLYON®

Contact your Harrell’s Agriculture Specialist today to create a fertility program customized to your specialty ag needs.

POLYON® fromHarrell’s
Feeding your success.

POLYON® fertilizer from Harrell’s has been America’s premier controlled-release fertilizer for specialty ag applications, since 1992.

Industry-proven, grower trusted. Used with confidence for its predictable performance, labor-saving and earth-friendly benefits. Supported by relationship-driven sales and technology professionals 100% committed to helping you achieve the best possible results.

No fertilizer on the market feeds your success like POLYON®. Let us prove it to you. Contact your Harrell’s Agriculture Specialist today to create a fertility program customized to your specialty ag needs.

Our Vice President of Specialty Ag is Matt Shook. You may reach them at

Since 1941, Harrell’s has consistently provided a superior quality product, a refreshing level of ingenuity and unparalleled service – all backed by integrity and Christian-based values. It is a combination that has propelled Harrell’s to the forefront of our industry.